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A premium beverage is a combination of high quality, refreshing taste and a good experience that makes you come back for more. Our goal at Premium Beverage Distributors Oy is delivering high quality premium beverages into the hands of our customers.


And stories behind them

Premium Beverage Distributors Oy is a fast-growing alcoholic beverages import and distribution enterprise. We are on a constant quest for finding premium brands and great stories around the globe. Together with our partners we want to deliver quality and satisfaction for our customers. One of our first products is Crespo London Dry Gin from Ecuador. This premium gin crafted by Gustavo Crespo is the only gin from Latin Amerika to be awarded internationally. Additionally, Wu Tang Clan premium liqueurs from New Zealand are arriving soon. Wu Tang Clan is an American hip hop group and collective formed in the New York City borough of Staten Island in 1992. The group launched the Wu-Tang Clan Premium Liqueurs range in Australia in 2017.  Beginning of 2020, manufacture started in New Zealand. Presently, Wu Tang Clan premium liqueurs are available in tens of stockists across Australia and New Zealand. Launching the brand in Finland and Europe comes as a continuation to the Wu tang Clan liqueurs' success on the other side of the globe.

Intrigue your tastebuds

Wu Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M

Cream liqueurs are commonly served with desserts or as digestifs: Here is a good recipe: Creme Latte!

17% vol. 0.7 l

Wu Tang Clan Strawberry and Lime

Berry and fruit liqueurs can be served with desserts or in mixed drinks. Served chilled on ice, mixed with soft drinks or other non-alcoholic drinks or in cocktails. They are also ideal for flavouring desserts. Click here to see our recipe.

20% vol. 0.7 l

5th Avenue Expressotini

5th Avenue Expressotini is a treat right from the jar or on rocks after a nice dinner. Here is our recipe!

12.5% vol. 0.21 l

Crespo London Dry Gin

Gin and genever are commonly used in mixed drinks and as shots. Gin and tonic, can be served from large balloon glasses, chilled with a single ball of ice and decorated with herbs, berries or pieces of fruit. The tonic is selected to best match the gin brand used.

45% vol. 0.7 l

Wu Tang Clan Original

Berry and fruit liqueurs can be served with desserts mixed in drinks. Original Blue is definitely worth a try!

22% vol. 0.7 l

Wu Tang Clan Butterscotch

Spice liqueurs are served chilled on ice, mixed with soft drinks or other non-alcoholic drinks or in cocktails. Try Salted Caramel Cola!

20% vol. 0.7 l


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