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W.T.C 5th Avenue

W.T.C Wicked Tasting Cocktails is a range of Premium Cocktails designed by Lazy Dog Distributers´s  own Mixologist.  The 5th Avenue range are delightful cocktails made fresh premium ingredients infused into alcohol to give you that smooth refreshing true to type cocktail hit. We've also been different and put the 5th Ave into a jar with a replaceable lid in a four pack. This provides ease when handling and serving when heading over to friends for a BBQ, or just a catch up. The jars are repurpose-able and completely recyclable.

Country of origin: New Zealand

Producer: Lazy Dog Distributers Ltd

13.5% vol. 0.21 l

5th Ave Cosmo

5th Ave Cosmo brings you that truly traditional cosmopolition style cocktail with real cranberry and lime infused with our quality vodka.

5th Ave Mojito

5th Ave Mojito is a delight infusion of Cane Spirit and Rum with real NZ limes from Hawkes bay and fresh garden mint. Fresh just like at the bar

5th Ave Expressotini

The 5th Ave Expressotini is a delightful RTD Espresso Martini made from cold brewed coffee infused into alcohol without the use of preservatives to give you that smooth refreshing coffee cocktail hit.